Nov 22, 2010

New Insight to Amy Lynn Photography

Hello All!  I decided it was time to try out a blog for my photography.  Not 100% sure yet how to use this blog but with time I'm sure I can figure it out.  With this blog I hope to reach out to new faces and show them the art I love.  I've always loved photography and have finally taken the time to teach myself how to do it.  I'm still learning new things every time I pick up the camera or edit pictures.  I'm strictly an on site photographer and an amateur.  I definitely do not want to present myself in any other way, at least until I actually have the skills to call myself a professional!  My dream is to make photography my career, hopefully you and others can help make this dream come true :)  I have decided to share a few photos of what I do below.  I have lots more to share and even some portrait sessions I've have the opportunity of doing!


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